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Culvert Cleaning Tool

Clean Your Own Culvert Pipe and Save 100's of $$$

We have developed a culvert cleaning tool which is very effective and easy to use, not to mention a very reasonable price. For contractors, Towns, and for residential jobs. This tool was developed out of my personal need to clean my culvert pipe at home. I have a 14 inch culvert pipe which is over 50 feet long. For several years we had problems when we had heavy rains our culvert pipe would get clogged with dirt, stones, and debris. I would shovel the ends out the best I could, but you can only get in so far with a shovel. Finally the pipe got so bad water would dam up behind it up to 4 feet high. So, we called a local professional pipe cleaning company to get a quote for cleaning our culvert and to our amazement it would cost $500-$600 to get the job done. Then I started to work on a design of a hand tool that I could use to clean the culvert myself. This tool worked so well on my culvert I decided to make them available for everyone.

The tool is a hoe like device with a pivoting joint which can be pushed in the culvert on top of the debris and is then activated by pulling the tool back out. The pulling action causes the tool to dive down into the debris and then you simply pull it out. It is made totally out of steel so it is very durable. The handle of the unit is 1/2" threaded steel pipe ( which is not included with the tool because it is not economical for us to send you pipe through the mail) you can pick up a length of 1/2 pipe at your local plumbing supply or home center. For a extra long culvert like mine I needed (3) 10 foot lengths of pipe connected together with pipe couplings, but for most residential jobs one length of pipe is more than enough. You only need a long enough handle to get a little more than half way through the culvert, then you clean half the culvert from each end, so for a 12 foot long culvert an 8 foot long piece of pipe would be more than enough. For a longer culvert simply add more pieces of pipe.

We stock sizes for standard 10", 12" and 14" culverts, the tools are made smaller than the I.D. of the culvert to allow for clearance.(the 14" tool is for 14" diameter culverts and the 12" tool is for 12" diameter culvert pipes),You can use a smaller size tool to clean out larger culverts, it just takes a few more passes. The price is $79

NOW on SALE 30% OFF only $55.30

Our culvert cleaners are made of a heavy gauge steel welded construction with stainless steel fasteners. These tools are made in the USA and are made to last a life time!

3 year Guarantee against breakage. If tool breaks within 3 years from date of purchase, just send back to us and we will replace or repair tool at our discretion for free.



Public Works Magazine Review: "How one personcan clean out an entire culvert"

I purchased a 10" culvert cleaning tool from you about a week ago. This weekend I was finally able to tackle my residential driveway culvert, roughly 24 feet long. Each and every rainstorm, the culvert would overflow, and water would begin to rush to the front of our driveway where the gravel meets the asphalt pavement. It would wash out about a foot of driveway, to the point where you would have to be extremely careful driving over it, putting vehicles in danger. I knew this would be a big expense if I were to get a company out to suck/flush the debris away, so I did some digging and ended up on your website. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your product. I would give it 10 stars if I could. Very economical, such a smart design, and something that anyone could use. Between the tool itself, the (2) pieces of galvanized pipe and the coupling, it was the best $100 I've ever spent. Regards,

Matt Feb 26, 2018

I used the tool today and I could not be happier with it It took 30 min to do more cleaning than I got done in 4 hrs. I was able to pull the roots out I was worried about.Thanks for a great product.

Thanks again. LARRY from Ohio 4/13/2016

Got the tool and if only took an hour to clean it out! Yipee. So much better than crawling in there gathering dirt and shimmying out with scraped forearms. It works great!

Carolyn from New Mexico 2/21/2016

"Received the tool yesterday and bought the ½” couplers and galvanized pipe @ HD today. Used it on a customers ribbed culverts (dry) and IT DID AN AMAZING JOB! Next time I would probably buy a heavier grade pipe but not absolutely necessary. Thanks for a great design and your help in getting it here quickly. We finished this portion of the scope of work on time and can move on to the next phase.


Joe from Denver, CO 10/21/2015

 The culvert cleaning tool arrived today! My husband is very pleased with the tool. He said you are a genius! The tool works as promised and is amazing!

Thank you for rushing our order and for your EXCELLENT customer service!
Best Regards,
Jeane from Pennsylvania"

"Many thanks for the speedy service!  The tool arrived, yesterday, and I am heading out to Home Depot, today, to buy some 1/2” pipes so I can put it to use.  My compliments on a very well-thought-out product!

Steve from North Carolina"




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